Sunday, July 3, 2011

Smith chart plotter

This was my first ever major project. So this is going to be first blog pot. So what actually does is, plots the network characteristics on a smith chart. What is Smith chart you ask, it is a graphical tool that RF engineers use to evaluate the characteristics of a network more. For more info, head onto wikipedia

So why did I do it? Well at the time, I was UG engineering student and had just finished with TLWG (Transmission line and wave guides) and at about the same time, there was an EFY article explaining about the software that plotted Smith chart. It was based on the BGI libaray that came with the turbo C and I wanted to do something that was windows based and had a modern look and feel.

The language, environment that I choose to develop with was just BASIC(JB). which is a flavor of basic language and free version of commercial software called liberty BASIC. They are written in small talk. They are/were windows only software that is why I abandoned the platform.