Thursday, March 27, 2014

My first experience with the YRDKRX63N

This post is going to be about my first experience with the awesome new "YRDKRX63N" kit that I received recently from the Renesas electronics Singapore. This kit was sent to me as prize for the recently held  "Renesas RX Robot Challenge" on facebook. 

First off, I copied the contents of the distribution DVD that came with kit onto my local drive. Then I tried to install the "e2studio" but it kept failing. So I downloaded the latest version from here.

Now "e2studio" is only an IDE supporting multiple devices from Renesas we will still need the compiler to do something useful with it.

There are a couple of options here 
  • GNU RX tool chain
  • Renesas RX compiler tool chain
  • IAR compiler
All these compilers are bundled with distribution CD. For rest of this post, I'll be using the GNU RX tool chain(/distribution_dvd/GNU/setup.exe). 

Once installed, fire up the "e2studio" from the start menu and select a workspace or click ok to select the default workspace. Switch the perspective to "c/c++ develop" (in the top right corner) or you can select window->c/c++ projects

Next create a new c project.

We will try our hands on one of the existing example code. Hence we will select "Existing projects into workspace" from the dialog box that appears next and click on "next".

In dialog box that appears next, click on browse and select "distribution_dvd/Factory_demo/RDK_Demos/GPIO_IRQ" and hit "Finish".

Once the project is loaded, we are ready to download the code onto the device and debug it.

You can control the execution of the code in the flash in the debug perspective with following controls.

and sure enough, the code runs when you hit the "run" button.

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